Preschool Program

Bright Explorers  (preschool 3-4 years)

Bright Threes are just starting to blossom. At the age of 2-4, the children's sense of independence and enthusiasm towards learning will grow rapidly each day.

Project Learning/ Math/ Science
Our Bright Threes are our pioneers in our inquiry-based learning journey. During this stage, teachers introduce project learning to the children by providing guidance, incorporating math and science concepts, while at the same time allowing freedom for creativity and self-exploration.  

We adopt a  holistic approach to language learning.  We model and push in advance vocabulary in conversations, introduce alphabet knowledge starting from lowercase recognition, and prepare children for early reading through recognizing environmental sounds and rhyming.  

Fine/ Gross Motor
Gross motor development at this stage will support further fine motor development (mainly writing). We keep the children active in various planned gross motor activities and prepare those fine motor muscles through finger painting, clay molding, and many more.

Social-Emotional Development
During this stage, we support the children's desire to become -more independent by focusing on self-help skills. We also focus on developing social skills and the ability to recognize their own emotions.

Learning Through Play, Music, and Art
At Bright Learning Academy, we highly value the positive benefits of art, music, and play. We allow them to be creative, think out-of-the-box, learn to interact with their peers, and simply enjoy childhood!  

Creative Play

Children's play is essential! It allows them to express their creativity, learn to socialize with friends and stimulates self-learning.

Letter recognition

Preschool children will begin sound blending, spelling, and writing at this stage. Zoo-phonics helps children see and understand the patterns in our language.