Bright Learning Academy firmly believes that a bilingual brain is more alert, quicker, and better able to deal with complex issues and problem-solve. Every student at Bright Learning Academy has the opportunity to develop a strong foundation of the Chinese language in listening, speaking, reading, and simple basic writing through daily 30-minute instruction and activity time. Teachers maximize using Chinese for the majority of the instructional time and employ effective instructional strategies to promote language and literacy development.

Also, to immerse children in the language and help them acquire it naturally, we also create a language-rich environment where staff and children are all encouraged to use common everyday Chinese phrases (ex. Greetings, please, thank you), sing Chinese songs, see Chinese labels displayed around the school, and learn cultural aspects of the Chinese language (ex. Chinese New Year festivities.) 

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Chinese SPEAKing in Action

Our PreK children learn the days of the week in Chinese with Ms. Jialing!

Chinese Singing in action

Learn Chinese through sining and dancing is an innovative approach for learning the Chinese language!

Lunar new year chinese writing

The dragon dance performance