2 Year Old Program

Terrific Twos (2-3 years)

Life at the age between 2-3 is filled with so much curiosity and wonder! Our Terrific Twos quickly develop the desire to explore the world around them, an emergent sense of self-independence, and enthusiasm towards learning. 

Project Learning/ Math/ Science
Curiosity is the key to project learning. Our teachers involve our young terrific twos in learning various real-life topics, theme-related stories, music, and stimulating theme-related/ hands-on STEAM activities. We aim to positively encourage the children's curiosity, which will later become the foundation for more complex project exploration as our terrific twos advance into their next learning stage. 

Language development starts flourishing at the age of two. We focus on helping them develop the ability to communicate effectively using simple sentences, increasing vocabulary, sounds, non-verbal gestures- expressions and body language, and finally the beginning concept of written language. They will also develop the ability to understand and respond to other during their communication with others. 

Fine/ Gross Motor
Terrific twos are equipped with unlimited energy. They are starting to develop awareness of their body in space and gain the ability to control and coordinate their large and fine motor muscles. We support the children's physical development by keeping them active and exposing them to various materials. 

Social-Emotional Development
As our Terrific Twos start their journey towards gaining self-awareness, self-expression, self-regulation, and forming relationships with others,  we ensure that the classroom environment is safe, loving and caring in order to support our young learners as they develop important social and emotional skills. 

Learning Through Play, Music, and Art
At Bright Learning Academy, we highly value the positive benefits of art, music, and play. Through exposing them to the beauty of art, joy of music, and creativity of child-led play, our terrific twos learn to experience the joy of learning! 

Social-Emotional Skills

Social interactions help children develop healthy relationships with friends and family members.

Learning Through Play

Through PLAY, children learn how to interact with others and resolve conflicts. PLAY also helps develop their fine/gross motor skills and nurture their creativity and imagination.