Child Safety & Security

CHILD Safety is our top priority

The safety and health of our children is our first and utmost responsibility at Bright Learning Academy. All children will be affected by exposure to environmental hazards. The following are solutions that we follow to address the possible hazards:

  • Clean and sanitize tables and food preparation areas before and after every use.

  • Wash fruits and vegetables before serving.

  • Sweep and mop floors on a daily basis.

  • Change air condition/heat system filters quarterly.

  • Check the playground and classroom for any hazards.

  • Add safety locks on doors and cabinets that are potentially hazardous to young children.

  • Keep any medication out of children’s reach.

  • Apply sunscreen with written parental agreement.

  • Protect children from exposure to high levels of air pollution by limiting or prohibiting time outdoors.

  • Maintain room temperature and humidity levels with central heat and A/C.

  • Allow natural light in classrooms through the exterior windows to support health and learning.

  • Practice appropriate handwashing procedures.

  • Equip classrooms with safe and durable equipment, furnishings, and materials.

  • Mount toilets and sinks at the height that corresponds with the ages of people served.

  • Cover electrical outlets.

  • Offer a Smoke-Free environment.

  • Use Lead-Free Paint for both interior and exterior.

  • Tape loose/hanging cords to floors and walls.

  • Ensure adequate fall zones under all climbing equipment.

  • Check sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors regularly.

  • Have working carbon monoxide detectors in each room.

  • Handle maintenance and repairs after operating hours when possible.

  • Meet ADA guidelines to ensure our buildings are accessible for all individuals.