Happy Feet Soccer

At HappyFeet, our approach is simple. We want to introduce soccer in a way that opens up doors of possibility for young kids both on the field and off. The goal is for kids to not only learn the wonderful game of soccer, but to have fun, build social skills, improve self-confidence and instill a brave, creative go for it mentality that can help provide the right foundation for the rest of their lives! Learn more HERE

Amy's music class

Ms. Amy has a background in teaching music and Mandarin. In her class, she integrates language learning into music, which allows children to eventually excel in both areas. Also, it has always been Ms. Amy’s belief that kids learn best through play. With her fun teaching approach, who won’t fall in love with music?

techie kids

Techie Kids Club coding + robotics classes teach the foundations of computer programming while creating an entirely new world of learning for your preschooler. Learning to code helps your child build critical math, reading, and logic skills needed for success in Kindergarten. Learn more HERE