Pre-K Program

Bright Explorers (Pre-K 4-5 years)

Our private Pre-K program is the step-up from our preschool class. Just like adventurous explorers, with a strong foundation built, our children seek to be challenged in all developmental areas. Our program encourages their inquisitive nature and prepares them for future learning.

Project Learning/ Math/ Science
The role of the teacher shifts in the Pre-K stage regarding project learning. He/she would serve more as a facilitator and guide the children to take charge of project progression. Math and science concepts will be utilized as the children use those skills to conduct their study by engaging in an engineering mindset- the mindset to problem-solve!

During this year we focus on early reading skills, such as blending sounds, segmenting sounds, phonemic awareness, understanding print concepts, recognizing story elements, and engaging in creative phonetic spelling to prepare children for future reading.

Fine/ Gross Motor
We adopt the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum to guide children step by step in handwriting. They will also participate in more advanced gross motor activities.

Social-Emotional Development
To build up from our preschool foundation, we continue to focus on social skills, recognizing emotions, and introduce ways to problem-solve and self-regulate. Our goal is to provide children a strong social-emotional foundation that will lead to further academic success.

Learning Through Play, Music, and Art
In our pre-k classes, children's creative play will become much more complex. They will also start appreciating various forms of art and music. Our goal is to fuel the curiosity to stimulate creativity growth.


Math helps children develop their mathematical thinking and also provides vital life skills.


Through our program, children get to reflect on their day and learn what they did well and what they can improve on.