Programs & Curriculum

Whole Child Development

At Bright Learning Academy, we adopt the whole child approach and foster development in all areas- social-emotional, cognitive, language, math, gross-motor, and fine-motor. We allow each child to grow in a natural progression, at his/her own pace, and set individual personal goals for them to reach. Each child is valued for his or her unique traits, level of development and learning style. We also believe children learn best in a positive and stimulating environment, designed to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Inquiry-based Learning (Project approach)

Using the framework of the Project Approach as a reference and guidance, Bright Learning Academy teachers will guide the children through in-depth investigations of real-world topics worthy of the children’s attention and effort.

  • We utilize the KWL system (what we know, what we want to learn, and what we have learned) to tap into the children’s background knowledge on a topic, arouse their interest to investigate further, then guide them to recall the learning process.

  • Throughout the project, children will also be encouraged to engage in an engineering mindset (identify problem/interest → find answers/solutions) and scientific thinking (compare, sort and organize, predict, experiment, evaluate, and apply.)

  • We tap into our community and our families to support our learning by bringing in experts and resources.

  • The projects will typically last for a month, and in the end the children will display their learning results in various ways to show our families.

  • Monthly real-world project themes that we will possibly be working on throughout the year are as follows. Themes and topics may also change according to the children’s interest at the time of learning- *Rocks *Birds *Insects *Weather *Fruits *Vegetables *Houses *Trees *Communication *Water *Transportation *Money *Families Around the World.

Social Emotional Development

The children start to understand who they are, what they are feeling and what to expect when interacting with others through learning different emotions.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is in action! What do you KNOW about butterflies? What do you WANT to know about butterflies? What have you LEARNED?