For Parents


Bright Learning Academy envisions a school that values multiculturalism, embraces the whole child, and celebrates the curiosity of children.


Bright Learning Academy develops children to become global citizens and lifelong learners through inquiry-based learning and foreign language education. 

OUR philosophy

At Bright Learning Academy, children will always be seen busy at learning. Their learning will take place in any way, shape, or form. You might see a child at the library center reading a book and naming a ladybug in Chinese- Piáo chóng, as he/she reads along to find out how many legs it has; a child at the block center putting together wooden planks and blocks attempting to build the world’s fastest ramp or a group of children role-playing a scene using simple Chinese greetings at a pretend grocery store after learning about money.

Curiosity is a magical state of mind that supercharges learning. Bright Learning Academy is committed to helping our children stay curious so they will continue to imagine, explore, discover, and learn in a high-quality environment that supports them socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. In addition, Bright Learning Academy integrates foreign language learning into our day to day school life.

We strongly believe that when children are immersed in a foreign language environment and acquire it naturally, it can stimulate new areas of their mind, strengthen the brain's natural ability to focus, and help the children develop a global mindset. 

Enjoying childhood

Exploring art with nature